Traditional Comms OPEN 2021-22

Please note my Wacom Cintiq is dead [RIP].

I CANNOT do digital art. [or rather I won't as I don't like to use my mouse and the pen tool...]

Traditional commissions are open. [pricing]

Long story very short, I quit my job and am saving money for a few things:

  • ❥ Bills
  • ❥ Digital Tablet
  • ❥ Christmas Gifts

Please remember that Patrons on Patreon and Subscribers on dA all get discounts on my commissions!

Along with commission discounts, you get first access to almost all works, exclusive access to sketches and WIPs, and depending on your tier, you get a custom work of art each month. This month and in December, I am working on experimental pieces, so Patrons and Subscribers in the aforementioned tier get a new treat!

Thanks for stopping by! ILU!

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