Terms and Conditions 

for MamaLantiis Art ie Elizabeth Whittaker, Artist and Photographer


All product comes AS-IS with NO expressed guarantees or warranties. This means you get my best work at the time the work is made. No Refunds.


Sale prices and/or discounts are given at the time you are quoted your price. Once a price is quoted, no further sale pricing or discounting will be allowed. No Refunds.


Payment is in USD (US Dollars) through PayPal Invoicing ONLY. No Refunds. The process goes like this: You ask for a quote, I give you a quote, you agree to the quote and give me your PayPal e-mail address, I send the invoice, you pay the invoice, I start working, and you understand there are No Refunds.


I do allow payment plans. Anything over $150 USD in total qualifies for a payment plan - HOWEVER - I will not start work without a deposit of $150 USD (No Refunds) paid via PayPal. AND I will not finish the work without being paid in full either. So tread lightly when requesting a payment plan. No Refunds.


I will keep in touch with you throughout the process of creating your vision. Because I work full time and am a full time mother, my turnaround is usually about 1-2 weeks per art piece. Sometimes this is shorter and sometimes longer depending on who/what is ahead of you, holidays, etc. I WILL NOT start until you have PAID IN FULL. No Refunds.


We all understand that sometimes corrections are needed to be made to the work to make your vision come true. I will allow, at no additional cost, 3 minor corrections per approval stage. Every correct or each major correction to be made will be an additional $5 USD up front. No Refunds.


I will show you WIPs as I progress on your vision. Generally, I show you a sketch before lining (and the lineart before coloring), and I will ask for edits, tips, etc to ensure you are happy with your work of art and where it is heading. In complicated pieces, I will show you more (or you can always ask for a WIP update at any time). You can have corrections made, and then once the final pieces is approved, I will finalize the product and email it to you. Just remember, No Refunds.


The final piece will be completed and polished with my signature and watermark on it. For most commissions (that I get anyways), I will send you both a watermarked and unwatermarked version for printing (personal use only!!). I will also send your character(s) along with a transparent BG for you to edit to your liking. No Refunds.


I hereby grant all commissioners a limited copyright license allowing them to, without additional cost: make small edits to the work, make copies/prints of the work for personal use only, make copies/prints of the work to give away to others (CANNOT SELL THEM) for personal use only, upload to any site whatsoever so longs as my signature is visible or a link back to my website is visible, and an open-ended clause that basically grants owners the rights to do most anything so long as they DO NOT MAKE A PROFIT off of the work.

Want to make a profit?

That is fine! As long as you buy my part of the rights to the work OR pay me royalties. To purchase commercial rights to the work, I require $150 USD for EACH WORK to be paid via PayPal. To sell or profit off of my work for any length of time WITHOUT purchasing commercial rights to the work, you must pay me 10% in royalties on each sale. NO. REFUNDS.


No Refunds. This is very important for you to remember. I. DO. NOT. REFUND. EVER. By commissioning me, you AGREE TO NO REFUNDS. You agree to pay IN FULL IN ADVANCE OF WORK. You agree to ALL COSTS AND PRICING HEREIN. No. Refunds.