Commissions PricingĀ 

Please note that commissions are currently CLOSED

Types of Commissions

Commissions include the option of Digital or Traditional media, and they all come with a very simple BG.

  • Single Character ACEO: $20 USD
  • Couple Character ACEO: $35 USD
  • Single Chibi Full Body: $25 USD
  • Single Headshot: $25 USD
  • Single Halfbody: $45 USD
  • Single Fullbody: $65 USD
Commission Options
Options you can add onto your commission choice(s).
  • Add Chibi Character: +$10 USD ea character
  • Add Halfbody Character: +$20 USD ea character
  • Add Fullbody Character: +$30 USD ea character
  • Upgrade to a Complex BG: +$25 USD for Digital
  • Upgrade to a Complex BG: +$35 USD for Traditional
  • Have Traditional Media Mailed to you: +$3 - $10 USD
For EXAMPLES of my work, visit the ART GALLERIES.
I will NOT draw...
These are ZERO EXCEPTIONS. I will NOT draw them. Please don't ask.
  • NSFW (nudity and romance are fine)
  • Full furry or anthro (just not that good at it yet)
  • Gore (excessive blood, mutilation, etc)
  • Minors Aged-up for Adult Themes
Customs available of my Species
You can always pay to have a custom of any of my species done for you by me.
  • $5 USD on-base Digital Ambrivan (any subspecies - no Royal traits)
  • $15 USD off-base Digital Wonderling (not Fabled)
  • $25 USD on-base Digital Lemea (no EA traits)
  • $45 USD off-base Digital or Traditional 3rd Eye