I decided to revamp how I operate on Patreon. In the past, I have done everything [all at once] and offered large sums of art for little to nothing in return. I was quickly [and easily] overwhelmed. Thus the shut down. [and the total shut down for the last year]

It has been over a year, and I have learned a little about myself as an art hobbyist.

1. I don't like art as a job. Closing my commissions has been a godsend, and I will only be opening them in the future for Patrons. Depending on your tier, you may get a discount on my commissions as well too.

2. I don't really like coloring lol. Something small like an ACEO is thoroughly enjoyable, but the large-scale pieces I was doing before left me high and dry. I just couldn't keep up and, quite frankly, I didn't want to keep up.

3. NSFW and some other content is just not a good fit for me. As you can see, that content is removed - the tags are gone, the posts deleted, and the content itself has been wiped.

It was an interesting journey learning that I really love sketching most. The feel on paper, the messiness and chaotic look of it, the flow and variations in the lines, and the [let's face it] near instant gratification is exactly what I need to stay on track and happy in my art. So sketching is what I have come to do most. I still finish my sketches in Photoshop [or other programs as necessary] with a pastel rainbow effect. And as you can see, I modeled the new look of my Patreon around that pastel rainbow effect.

You may also notice that I have rebranded over the last year and a half as well. I have gone from "Lantiis" to "MamaLantiis." One of the greatest things I do is be a pretty good mother to my adorable daughter. We make a great team, and as such, I slowly became MamaLantiis and she became my MiniLantiis :3

So, without further ado [and diarrhea of the keyboard], I shall say farewell for a moment while I upload and schedule the first of [hopefully] many sketches and ACEOs to come.

XOXO MamaLantiis

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