Moved to traditional art only.

I tried with my iPad, Procreate and my finger [and even a pen]. I just hate hate hate it. It's no Wacom. I did love my Wacom and enjoyed using it. I won't be getting another tho. I am truly enjoying traditional art far more than I had ever expected and am fully determined to attempt watercolor at some point in the future as well. Until then, I will continue with colored pencil.

Once I start with watercolor, I will most likely open test slots for those who subscribe to my supporter / tip jar on dA. So if you want access to that in the future for free art from me, make sure you head that way. It's only $1USD. And my progress works are accessible for only 42 dA points a month as well if you want to see what some works look like from concept to finished product. :]

NEW in March 2022, I am rebranding [and yes, as usual I am using pinks to test imagery]. This is what the new brands look like:

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