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Hello, I am "MamaLantiis" 

MamaLantiis and MiniLantiis

A little bit about me:

I have gone by Lantiis for about 20-ish years. In 2020, I changed just about everything over to MamaLantiis to reflect my new values.

In that photo is me and my daughter, albeit the photo is 7+ years old now... I am a single mother, I have a bachelor's degree in Math, I am a disabled Air Force veteran, and I am an ordained minister. I moonlight as an artist and photographer, however, I actually work full time as the housekeeping supervisor at a lovely hotel.

In my spare time, I play DnD (usually as the DM, but I do participate in one game as a player), collect dice, do art and photography, and hoard all sorts of characters I create or adopt. I am still sort of active on several websites like deviantART, Toyhouse, and Discord (Lantiis#9819).

Things I totally love:

❥ My kiddo and being a mom

❥ Getting art of my characters

❥ Hearing people laugh!

Things I really like:

❥ Space and Sparkles

❥ Pink and Teal

❥ Getting constructive criticism

❥ Drawing ACEOs and getting them too!

❥ Taking nature photos (like bugs and flowers)

❥ Family and pet photography!!! Such fun!

Things I hard pass on:

❥ Drawing NSFW (I just am no good lol)

❥ Wearing dresses or shorts (or showing my legs ever lol)

❥ Wedding and event photography (been there, done that lol)

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