Is it really the end of 2018 already?!

It really seems time for a lil'update!

It has been quite a ride this year! I started the year doing next to NO art and ended the year having so much art surplus to choose from that the Art Summary wheel for 2018 ended up being rather difficult to do! It is hard to choose your favorites!
I learned a lot in 2018 and my art ability and overall style transformed quite a bit (along with my digital footprint in a new logo and branding). Anatomy improved (but still needs improvement, yes), I really delved deep into traditional art and found a passion for it I didn’t know existed, and I really tried to do more art for OTHER people (as well as commission / buy from other people more – artists supporting artists is truly very important!). Looking back on 2018 gives me some level of pride I didn’t know I had in myself and in my art.
2019 will be the year of discovery for me! NSFW, here I come! If you want to walk this deplorably fun and naughty path with me, please come and join me on Patreon! Right now, any tier level will be able to see my NSFW trial-and-errors via Discord rewards until I am confident enough to create a $5 tier JUST FOR NSFW CONTENT. I will be finishing up my ‘Month of Giving’ in January, and starting the HUGE ordeal of getting all my OCs new references… LORT HELP ME. I also plan to continue offering commissions (prices updated now for 2019), working with my Closed Species (Ambrivans and Wonderlings), and despairing over DnD-related content that I will give away freely on dA! As far as WIPs, processes, etc goes, those will be PATREON EXCLUSIVES ONLY. Again, please join me on Patreon for exclusive content.
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year everyone! <3

New Art, Adoptables, and Patreon is now OPEN!


Come check it out! Commission and Adopt discounts! First looks at ACEOs and Adopts! ALL MY WIPS! And depending on your Royalty status, access to linearts and PSDs! PLUS each month, one lucky patron gets an ACEO from me! Nothing over $3 a month! GREAT GOALS THAT NEED ACHIEVING! Come help out and support me!

Some new art and adopts!

Let me tell you, I am pretty impressed with myself! The new art I am putting out shows how much I have been working at improvements to my technique and design skills! Even my anatomy is starting to improve! Getting a little bolder with everything too!

Some more art! Woo!

I finally finished the trades I am doing for Kenly! I am super proud of how they came out. The highlights on the hair are a little wild for me, but I love it!

Kaiden’s face is a completely new experience for me from the shape and structure of it to his eyes, nose and mouth! Also it is important to note that I may have executed the best ear placement ever XD And hello shirtless guy again 😀 Full visibility on his badass scars! (first time for me doing such obvious scars too)

And let’s talk about Iris’ braid! HOLY HECKIN’ that took a while! The main (big) braid lol, not that small one… I was given the description of “like Elsa from Frozen” and I just kind of ran with it. I really wanted her to look serene and indifferent but with amazing hair! Once done, the blue hair and blue tinted skin detail was delivered and POOF she came alive!