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Some new art and adopts!

Let me tell you, I am pretty impressed with myself! The new art I am putting out shows how much I have been working at improvements to my technique and design skills! Even my anatomy is starting to improve! Getting a little bolder with everything too!

Some more art! Woo!

I finally finished the trades I am doing for Kenly! I am super proud of how they came out. The highlights on the hair are a little wild for me, but I love it!

Kaiden’s face is a completely new experience for me from the shape and structure of it to his eyes, nose and mouth! Also it is important to note that I may have executed the best ear placement ever XD And hello shirtless guy again 😀 Full visibility on his badass scars! (first time for me doing such obvious scars too)

And let’s talk about Iris’ braid! HOLY HECKIN’ that took a while! The main (big) braid lol, not that small one… I was given the description of “like Elsa from Frozen” and I just kind of ran with it. I really wanted her to look serene and indifferent but with amazing hair! Once done, the blue hair and blue tinted skin detail was delivered and POOF she came alive!

A Personal Post: Medical

Some of this may be TMI.

Consider yourself warned.

As many of you know, I have IBS-D and was put on Loperamide to help control it for the last year+. Well, a couple weeks ago, I started seeing a nutritionist thru the VA, and she started me on the Low-FODMAP diet which is apparently for IBS sufferers. ((wtf my gastric doctors didn’t do this is beyond me, but whatever…))

To say that I am pleased so far on this diet is an understatement. Three weeks in and I can see and feel improvement. On this diet, I have one or two episodes every day to two days – a huge improvement over 2 or 3 a day on the Loperamide or 6 to 7 a day with nothing to help at all. This improvement alone makes me want to keep the diet, but there is more…

The gas, swelling, cramping, and overall constant discomfort in my stomach and chest area has lessened. My pants are fitting again – I haven’t lost any weight yet they are needing to be pulled up or worn with a belt! Also, the acid reflux has almost completely went away!!! Hooray for no more heartburn!

So three weeks into a six week trial, and my brain is already weighing the pros and cons of this Low-FODMAP diet.

  • PRO: Reduction in pain / symptoms beyond the ability of medication

  • PRO: Feel better; look better (I have needed this boost for a while!)

  • PRO: Less embarrassing bathroom trips and bowel episodes…

  • PRO: Easier to work, go out, spend time with family / friends, etc

  • CON: BUT IS EXPENSIVE!!! More expensive than medication alone…

So the big con here is $$$ (really the only con besides no chocolate) … But I am leaning towards it being worth a lifelong hit to my pocketbook for relief and the ability to have a life most of the time. Right now I have to plan everything according to bathroom locations and time / travel between those locations. I bring an empty ice cream bucket in my car for sudden episodes between bathroom locations – and have had to use it on the side of the road!! I can only imagine what travelling without spare clothes, towels, wet wipes, poop bucket, toilet paper, and an abundance of plastic bags would be like! And to reduce the embarrassment of bathroom trips would be spectacular!

I don’t know what money can or can’t buy in life for everyone, but I know what I want in my life and for my life. If making a lifestyle change like this will bring all this relief but cost a little extra money, then I think it is time to re-evaluate my budget.

Granted I am only 3-weeks into a 6-week trial, but the results have spoke for themselves so far. I will wait and let my nutritionist weigh in too, but I think she will probably think what I am thinking: Go for it! And as of right now, I think that is what I will be doing – no longer a 6-week trial but a new way to live!