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A Personal Post: Medical

Some of this may be TMI.

Consider yourself warned.

As many of you know, I have IBS-D and was put on Loperamide to help control it for the last year+. Well, a couple weeks ago, I started seeing a nutritionist thru the VA, and she started me on the Low-FODMAP diet which is apparently for IBS sufferers. ((wtf my gastric doctors didn’t do this is beyond me, but whatever…))

To say that I am pleased so far on this diet is an understatement. Three weeks in and I can see and feel improvement. On this diet, I have one or two episodes every day to two days – a huge improvement over 2 or 3 a day on the Loperamide or 6 to 7 a day with nothing to help at all. This improvement alone makes me want to keep the diet, but there is more…

The gas, swelling, cramping, and overall constant discomfort in my stomach and chest area has lessened. My pants are fitting again – I haven’t lost any weight yet they are needing to be pulled up or worn with a belt! Also, the acid reflux has almost completely went away!!! Hooray for no more heartburn!

So three weeks into a six week trial, and my brain is already weighing the pros and cons of this Low-FODMAP diet.

  • PRO: Reduction in pain / symptoms beyond the ability of medication

  • PRO: Feel better; look better (I have needed this boost for a while!)

  • PRO: Less embarrassing bathroom trips and bowel episodes…

  • PRO: Easier to work, go out, spend time with family / friends, etc

  • CON: BUT IS EXPENSIVE!!! More expensive than medication alone…

So the big con here is $$$ (really the only con besides no chocolate) … But I am leaning towards it being worth a lifelong hit to my pocketbook for relief and the ability to have a life most of the time. Right now I have to plan everything according to bathroom locations and time / travel between those locations. I bring an empty ice cream bucket in my car for sudden episodes between bathroom locations – and have had to use it on the side of the road!! I can only imagine what travelling without spare clothes, towels, wet wipes, poop bucket, toilet paper, and an abundance of plastic bags would be like! And to reduce the embarrassment of bathroom trips would be spectacular!

I don’t know what money can or can’t buy in life for everyone, but I know what I want in my life and for my life. If making a lifestyle change like this will bring all this relief but cost a little extra money, then I think it is time to re-evaluate my budget.

Granted I am only 3-weeks into a 6-week trial, but the results have spoke for themselves so far. I will wait and let my nutritionist weigh in too, but I think she will probably think what I am thinking: Go for it! And as of right now, I think that is what I will be doing – no longer a 6-week trial but a new way to live!

Updates and Changes Galore!

I have finally done it! I changed my branding. We went from plane to colorful! The site is matched with the new branding and got a complete overhaul as you can see! I am super happy with it! It took a little getting used to for the colors to grow on me, but I am digging it now.

Bruiser is doing SO MUCH BETTER everyone! We struggle a little in the mornings if he doesn’t want to eat his pill in the pill pocket, but other than that, he is back to his glorious old self!!!

Beginning school is an endless saga of drama…

So far, having my daughter start kindergarten has been an endless saga of drama. Not necessarily by the school mind you, but our situation has really put a damper on the beginning days of school. It has been less than two weeks, and a full week of my life has been embroiled in bus drama, daycare drama, and my 5yo daughter in unsafe situations…

Our Situation

While I am sure it isn’t unique – it is our first time dealing with anything like this, so we are pretty keen on it not needing to be this difficult… but it is…. I work starting at 6:30am everyday. Emma’s bus comes at 6:57am every day. This is a huge problem as I cannot be 30 minutes late every day. So we need a different way to get Emma on the bus….

Enter the daycare… The daycare puts kids on the bus for a small fee. There are two buses that run, and Emma’s is the first bus at 6:43am. The second bus runs after 7am and goes to different schools. So I entrusted my child to the daycare and paid them to put her safely on HER OWN BUS at 6:43am each school day… Well this did not happen, and the school soon started calling me asking what was happening with Emma and getting on the school bus. I had no idea and called the daycare. Long story short, the daycare found it too inconvenient to pay someone to be there before 7am to get Emma on her bus so put Emma on the other bus that went to the school she DOES NOT go to…

The Solution

To say that I am PISSED is an understatement. Many phone calls later, I and the school find an alternate bus stop near my work that will make me only 5-10 minutes late for work. I approach my boss with the issue, and she says that is okay. We approach my co-workers with the issue, and they agree they can manage that 5-10 minutes. Longest story ever cut short is I have an amazing crew of people I work with and for plus I work for an amazing company!!

We are on day TWO of this new schedule / solution … whatever. It seems to be working so far. We actually haven’t had any issues with it!! I have been about 10-15 minutes late to work each day though which everyone seems to be okay with at this point.

My Takeaways

I am violently upset that a professional institution (the daycare) would take my money and put my child in an at-risk situation – sending her where she is not supposed to go and where no one knew she was going. She’s FIVE! I had many choice words for them and still am using many of them as the wound is quite fresh. This is the 2nd daycare that has let me down in the care of my child. It is NOT a good feeling as a parent!!

Despite the badmouthing of the daycare by the school (very unprofessional), I am impressed with how determined the school was in helping me find a workable solution to the problem Emma and I faced. I am also impressed at their care of Emma when she was lost at other schools because the daycare put her on the wrong bus. They kept her safe, found out who she was and where she belonged, and they got her to her class and teacher safe with zero stress on her. Emma literally has no clue that things got F*d up with the buses – she just thought it was fun! So props to the school for sure!

I certainly am worse for the wear – the stress has taken a week of my life and just thrown it to the wind. I learned who to trust and not trust in all this, and I am very wary about the daycare now. I will definitely trust what Emma says over what anyone at the daycare says at this point. The daycare has proven to be vastly untrustworthy. They are, sadly, the only daycare in town open on the weekends at the time I need to be able to work. That pisses me off too btw. I definitely feel stuck – both in the daycare situation as well as in the bus stop situation.

Being a single parent of a young school-age child is rough y’all. Really really rough.