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ValeriaAbsinthe’s Defamation of Me

Let us begin from... the beginning...

I met Val (ValeriaAbsinthe on dA) a while back when her cat was sick. I gave her $100 free and clear to help her pay the vet bill. The cat ended up passing, and I helped her deal with that too (well, with what I could do being connected by internet only). I eventually started following her, some of our OCs had interactions, and we became friends.

After a while, in April of this year, I was looking for someone to do two commissions for me. I still hadn’t known Val that long but felt comfortable enough to entrust my money and three characters with her. I paid via PayPal in full $68.00. As of the morning of 5/21, I had heard nothing about those commissions…. HOWEVER… Val had been posting alarming status’ and polls about her art and the status of things not getting done for a month. Not wanting to ‘rock the boat,’ I let it go, hoping for the best.

That is when the proverbial shoe dropped on 5/21. That morning, Val sent a status update tagging everyone she owed art to explaining that she wasn’t going to do said art until she had an art style she liked. As we all know (artists anyways), this can take YEARS to accomplish if ever!

Well, Val kindly put out the offer that anyone not willing to wait could have their money refunded to them – over time – but refunded nonetheless. I commented that I would accept the refund and that is where the trouble began… [see screenshots]

But Wait, There is More...

Val posted a comment tagging everyone again with the shittiest possible response to the situation SHE created… [see top screencap]

Well I wasn’t very happy at this point – none of us had done anything wrong accepting the offer SHE MADE. And as you can read, I requested several times the manner and timeline of the promised refund. I could never get a straight answer for someone who claims to have such a solid grasp on their funds and budget. It felt to me very alarming that someone was offering me my money back but refused to tell me when and how. That told me they Val had no intention of going thru with that offered refund. If you can’t give any sort of timeline or make an offer of any sort on increments, methods, etc, then you don’t plan to give that money back. Period. So I opened a PayPal dispute.

For the PayPal dispute, I opened in the morning. I took the six screencaps you have already seen [screencaps in above section], and I told PayPal what happened and attached the screencaps as proof that she said she would refund my $68.00. It took PayPal an hour to side with me and refund my $68.00. During that hour, I had the pleasure of Val sending me a dA note… [see middle screenshot]

Val knew about the dispute because about 30 minutes in, she magically had a very crappy WIP for me (which based on other things she has said since, I suspect she turned in to PayPal as ‘proof’ that she was doing her part). She laid the guilt trip on too. I wasn’t having an of it the way she had already treated me (as you can see). I did not abuse or harangue her. I was civil and mostly respectful if not blunt and to the point.

Shortly after this exchange, Val went ahead and deleted everything off of her page. All the journals, status’, and quite a few comments. She then posted this gem… [see bottom screencap in the event she deletes it from dA]

NOW she went too far and publicly named me...

So this is where I drew the line and made my facebook post.

She not only calls me out publicly for a reasonable response and action taken by me to ensure the offered refund was delivered timely, BUT she tells people to AVOID ME. THAT folks, is defamation.

So I took to Facebook to tell my side of the story (link above – will remain alive and active). Every situation has two sides, as Val herself tells it, and seriously, if me getting my $68.00 back is going to bankrupt her, cause her to lose her job, and cause her to be homeless, then SHE has serious issues outside of money she needs to get straight. Per her own YT video, she has debtors that may kill her if she is late on payments, so that right there is alarming! But again, nothing $68.00 is going to cure. The PERSON has to make changes, and a big one she can make right now is to take responsibility for HER actions and start coming thru on HER promises and obligations.

The second screencap happens AFTER she takes down her YT video and putting up her $68.00 cyberpunk adopt set. She lays claim that she was bullied off YT basically…

The Mighty Bullying of Val on YT

Brace yourselves, this is extreme bullying at its peak… These are the comments left to her that were not all ‘poor you’ and ‘I hope everything turns out okay.’ These are the bullying comments that sent her flyiing back to dA to update the deviation where she publicly defames me.

Shortly after thse two comments went live, she deleted her YT video.

Where do we go from here?

I don’t know, but I hope this article helps some other people avoid giving their money to an incredibly toxic person who does not come thru on their part of the deal let alone honor their promises. I also hope this helps people understand that I do not need to be avoided – she is using scare tactics to directly harm me and my art business. It is wrong and illegal.

Will she ever stop?

Probably not. She does have nice art but the package deal is more than bargained for. In reality, she just ran a bait-and-switch on her commissioners. We paid for one product and she then refused to deliver, instead saying we would have to take her new product but at an unknown date in the future. That is also illegal and is a scam.

Why am I posting this?

I know it is probably going to add fuel to the fire. However, I have a right to defend myself from her libel AND a right to tell my side of the story. So I am. And I am utilizing everything in my arsenal to do so. I do not take defamation laying down. I haven’t in the past, and I sure won’t with Val or any of her followers.

Pee-Pee in the Potty? (TMI)

So this will be a bit TMI (means too much information for the uninitiated lol). It is basically me coming clean about my pooping habits the past few years and where I am at now…

For those who don’t know, I have some GI issues. I have struggled with poop and pain issues for years. In 2018, they stopped poking, prodding, and testing…. They diagnosed me as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Basically I will have pooping and pain issues for the rest of my life that will probably get worse the older I get. Super exciting stuff.

To be clear, I have always had diarrhea. I have always had pain. But eventually the pain took a backseat and the diarrhea became water and uncontrollable – the bane of my existence. That was the point when I went to try and get help. I kid you not, I lived through hell for years before getting help because the people around me and my doctors minimized my pain and the toll it was taking on my everyday life.

The toll on everyday life…

My bowel movements were sudden – like lightning strike sudden – no uptick; no warning! And they were water – pure sparkling brownish water! If you have had diarrhea of any kind in your life (and I know you have), you know that you CANNOT HOLD IT BACK. It is go time; you become a marathon runner with every step putting you closer to sudden and extreme embarrassment.

With that said, imagine going grocery shopping – never knowing when a movement would strike – but knowing you will have about 7 to 10 that day alone, not counting overnights… Having to fast starting the day before – no eating or drinking at all – just so you can go grocery shopping and maybe have just one or two trips to the bathroom (and make it there without incident too I might add). I couldn’t get into my car and drive for any length of time without fear that a movement would hit suddenly – there is never a place to get quickly enough when you have a sudden bowel movement in your car.

I learned to pack an empty ice cream bucket in my car for sudden movements. Explain yourself to a cop at your window as you are casually pulled over on the side of the freeway spilling your innards into an ice cream bucket. Wet wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, two large bath towels, several washcloths, a bucket of water, hand sanitizer, and extra clothes are all part of my self-care car kit. Imagine packing that just to get from your house to your work, and you only have a five minute drive.

I couldn’t go places. I couldn’t hang out – everyone had to come to me just so I could tend my GI issues in the comfort of my own home. The sounds were horrible. The smells stacked embarrassment upon embarrassment. And the misses were basically life-altering… I always had candles burning or incense or wax cubes going… JUST to blot out the smell of the constant in my house: shit. If I said UH-OH, my kid helped look for a restroom or ran out of the path between me and the bathroom. She knew what was about to happen. My pooping even screwed with my kiddo.

Then VS Now: Change is mostly Good!

So all that is then… Do I still keep my car packed with some stuff incase there is an accident? Oh lord yes. Do I still have pooping issues? Unfortunately. Is it still a mad dash to the restroom when the urge suddenly appears? OMG YES. (I am pretty good at it now tho haha!)

But it is better. I finally got a doctor that listened, and while they have stopped looking for the causes, they did find me a medication that takes me from 7-10 diarrheas a day down to 1-3 diarrheas… MUCH BETTER. I can also control myself better because they aren’t that glorious water of the past. That makes work so much better (I have amazing co-workers and an amazing boss who worked with me through some of the worst of the diarrhea hell!).

What gets me though is that I used to just HAVE TO GO. Now, with these meds, I start getting all crampy and painy – and can be in this state for hours before the urge to go actually hits me. I talked to my doctor about it because it can sometimes double me over the pain is so strong, and she says IT’S NORMAL. Seriously? As she explains it, apparently everyone has pain preceding a bowel movement to some degree to let them know they are going to poop. Mkay, wtf kind of shit is this? I never had this before but now have it magically appear upon taking a pill?! I think something isn’t right here, but if the historical pattern holds true with my doctors, I will have to wait about 5 years before anyone takes this seriously and starts investigating it. I’m not dead, so I guess I will ‘whatever’ this situation and move on.

The Future?

I think it is looking bright minus fighting for 5 years to be taken seriously about this stomach pain. I am okay with having diarrhea so long as it doesn’t rule my life, and right now, I am going out and doing things with friends and family. It is pretty damn glorious what I can do now because of a pill versus what the past 3 to 5 years of my life has been. Hell yes. I’ll take this ride and keep moving forward!

Do you have pain or GI issues? What do you do to help yourself? Did you have to do a diet change (one thing I never had to do as I basically stopped eating and still had diarrhea)? What, if anything, finally helped you out? If nothing yet, is anything in the works to try and figure out what will?

My Poor Pup Bruiser

So my Chihuahua-Pekingese mix Bruiser, a little over a week ago, was in my fenced-in backyard like he always is while I was at work for the day. He went out in the morning just fine, but when I came home, he was limping (back leg). I was perplexed – couldn’t find any blood, bites, etc, so I thought he just fell off of something again and pulled his muscle. Happens a few times a year and clears up no big deal in a few days. Well the next day was my day off (Wednesday), so I watched him that day and Thursday. No improvement but he wasn’t worse, so I started my workweek like normal on Friday. By Friday night tho, his pain was so intense that he stopped eating.

I can’t afford the emergency on-call to come see that Bruiser isn’t eating bc of his pain level. SO, I got some of the doggy aspirins from Petsmart and started giving him those. Well the aspirins didn’t do much for him, so first thing Monday, I whisked Bruiser to the vet. I cannot have my pup in that much pain 🙁

So an x-ray was taken and a BB GUN PELLET WAS FOUND IN HIS HIND LEG…

So the vet said that BB guns don’t have much range on them for damage-causing purposes… about 150 ft or so tho their max range is something like 400 yards according to my research (I did see several articles where the vet is correct about the range to cause damage by a pellet). She also said for the pellet to have entered his leg and not left any blood that it may have been shot at closer range tho this is all speculation at this point since Bruiser was shot while I was at work – no one saw it happen. The vet gave him pain meds and meds for his stomach (the pain meds will make his stomach queasy) and says that he may have to have surgery if he doesn’t start eating and walking within the next few days. I was told to call Thursday or Friday this week.

Today is now Friday. I called Thursday to bring the good and bad news to the vet. Yes he is eating again. He is now also having violent diarrhea tho. He is trying to walk normal again. He is unfortunately not actually walking normal but limping despite his efforts (the cries of my poor pup make my heart hurt so bad). I am waiting on a call from the vet to see what is next now…

I am however upset that the shooter has returned!

On Wednesday evening this week, Bruiser went to the back of the backyard while me and my daughter were outside. A small airy POP was heard and then Bruiser started shrieking and came at a dead run towards us from the backyard – very unusual for a dog who won’t use one hind leg. He got to the deck and peed all over himself. I ran to the back of the yard to see who was STILL shooting at my dog but the shooter was already gone either indoors or around one of the nearby neighborhood houses…

I have alerted my neighbors. I have alerted the humane society. I made requests of the police. I don’t know what to do at this point. I am waiting on callbacks from some and have given up on others. I don’t know what else I can do at this point bc my dog is outside in his backyard (like today) when I am not home TERRIFIED. He is kind and trusting. And he is getting shot at by some ASSHOLE!

All advice is welcomed. Even if I have already tried it. Please help me give happiness and security back to my little dog.