Category: Digital Art

Updates and Changes Galore!

I have finally done it! I changed my branding. We went from plane to colorful! The site is matched with the new branding and got a complete overhaul as you can see! I am super happy with it! It took a little getting used to for the colors to grow on me, but I am digging it now.

Bruiser is doing SO MUCH BETTER everyone! We struggle a little in the mornings if he doesn’t want to eat his pill in the pill pocket, but other than that, he is back to his glorious old self!!!

Catching Up: New Art!

I have been working pretty consistently on art the last two weeks. Everything has been digital art – three CS adopts, two pieces for myself, and one prize for Selvarr on deviantART. I am really proud of how the Pakkeli CS (Grashia) piece came out as well as how the prize piece (Aurora – a Cosmic Remnant) came out. I stretched my boundaries and challenged myself with both pieces. Now the Belinda (Pakaasu CS) work is likewise new to me – I don’t normally draw beards. But I LOVE my bearded lady! I hope you all enjoy too!

Brisha and Nix Take a Walk

Find it on deviantART.

Brisha and Nix are two closed species OCs I own. Brisha is a Pakkeli and Nix is a Sumea (pet). Stefbani created Pakkeli and Sumea – do not create your own. They are made of goo and sparkle (which we all know I love sparkly!). In this work, it is winter time in Kotiin (the world of the Pakkeli), and Brisha has decided to take Nix for a walk. I tried really hard to get their breath to show, but I just couldn’t make it work. No matter how hard I tried, it just looked wrong…. so pretend they are holding their breath for this piece haha!