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Was on Hiatus for a bit.

Some may have noticed, but I did a little rebranding, got sucked in to several new projects, and I went on a depression hiatus. I am doing much better now, thank you, and the website has seen a fairly major facelift to address speed issues in the galleries and redundancy (everywhere). I may be updating how you pay as well when hiring me. Not sure how I feel about the thing yet haha

Art Output

My art output has been slower, but I do have new art to upload and that will happen over the next few days. I seem to be on a mostly traditional art kick while photography has hit the backburner. I am hugely invested in my own original species, the Ambrivans, when I do art for myself, and then I also do art for the Pakkeli-Cluster, another original species I do art for and love.

Leaving Fandoms / Rebranding

SMAU (Sailor Moon Artists United) also got rebranded into Artists Aware. I have stepped away from fandoms in general to pursue a loftier goal of helping all artists. Myself and my two friends who work this difficult path together thought it was for the best that we branch out to help everyone we could instead of just those in the Sailor Moon fandom. I have artistically pulled away as well from my fandoms, so don’t expect any fandom arts from me as a rule.

Health Issues

My health issues (mental and physical) continue to be a struggle. I am currently on meds (for both) that seem to be working in ways meds have never worked before. I feel stable; I feel almost like what I imagine normal people feel. It ha been a huge blessing tho I find myself today on day 3 of steroids for this pesky rash that has reappeared for it’s third consecutive summer… It is so embarrassing to have on my arms (both) and have it be all red and bubbly and simply gross. I am very self-conscious about it. On day 3 of steroids tho… it does look much better, and I hope it will be completely gone in the next few days.

The Light of my Life

My daughter continues to be the light of my life. She demand more and more attention the older she gets. It is amazing to see my little baby grow into her own person with wants, desires, and goals. I want to be there with her – every step – in her amazing life journey and find that I am less and less caring about the time lost with other things that I love (art and photography to be more specific). She really says and does the funniest things – of course the dumbest too haha!


The past few months have been a wild ride! I won’t lie, it hasn’t been all that great all the time, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My life feels like it is being rewritten for the 4th or 5th time in under a year, but the end goal is the same: Love, Be Loved, Have Fun! I hope you all achieve the same!

Site updates and new finished works!

Went on an updating spree today. Added a bunch of photos (old ones lol) to the photography albums. I also added some new artwork I’ve recently completed to the art albums (you can see them here too in a minute tho lol). I also updated the tired old slider art that has been there forever and a day. There are six images now and I love them – kept a couple of the tried and true slider images, but added in some new ones too. I tried to put ten images in the slider but nooooooooooo, it can’t work that way lol! Links also updated… and I’m calling this day of webwork done! Woot!

Charon WIP

WIP of Sailor Charon for Goddess-of-the-Moon1 *throws confetti*

Had a great time sketching this one. She is so cute! I kind of think of this as “the beginnings” of her power and senshi self. I still have to finish her staff and background, but hooah she is adorable!

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