About Lantiis

All About Me … if you want to know! ;3

【 Name 】 Elizabeth Whittaker 【 Called 】 Elizabeth, Liz, or Lantiis
【 Age 】 36 【 D.o.B. 】 November 25
【 Gender 】 Female 【 Orientation 】 Bisexual
【 Height 】 5′ 9″ 【 Weight 】 188 pounds
【 Lives in 】 Earth (often enough) 【 Species 】 Human (mostly)

An Abbreviated History…

I was born to mostly human and relatively tall parents in the wintry north, and I grew up like most middle class kids in the winter pit of the world … freezing to death. I graduated somewhere in the middle of my class, joined the USAF, and after 9/11, I was discharged with an arrow to the knee and panic attacks. Moving forward, I went to college: BS in Mathematics. I managed to buy a house and get married (and divorced) to an inconsiderate fellow which resulted in the birth of a smol bean. After my Database Analyst job petered out due to health issues, I found a job at a hotel that I really enjoy.

【 Memories 】

  • Waking up to my sweet baby!
  • Seeing the 1st plane hit the twin towers as a baby was born (USAF)
  • Catching fish with my dad
  • Camping with mom in the cold that one time haha!
  • Playing Cabbage Patch Kids with my brother literally everywhere!
  • Screaming Michael Jackson lyrics out my brother’s window in the morning
【 Accomplishments 】

  • Birthed a fabulous little girl! DAMN SHE’S AMAZING!
  • Started and failed at an online business with my photography lol
  • OK/AR PTK President
  • Pi of Texas Communications Chair
  • Creator of the Predictive Racing Database at Oaklawn
  • I have a house! YAS! Goal achieved!
  • That darn BS in Math. Damn fine!
【 Hobbies 】

  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Sims, 7k, Aion and WoW
  • Traditional Art
  • Digital Art
  • Photography
  • Farting in the center of any room that has an overhead fan… mwahahaha
  • Playing with my eye make-up
  • Pokemon all the way! Mystic!
  • Procrastinating hardcore!

Welcome to Today!

Beam me up Scotty! In present day Earth, I am on medication for my medical issues – and not doing worse lol! I am still working at the hotel, being a fanfrickintastic mom, and doing art… My day consists of a 4am wake-up call so I can shower off the scum of life before my kiddo wakes up. Then I take my meds and wake my kiddo up (yes, in that order, sanity is prized in this household!). A whirlwind later, and we have two awake and semi-reasonable people (that’s really a lie, we are never reasonable). Now to school and work we go! Then after about 8 hours of whatever-the-fuck happens at work and school, I go to get my smol bean from school, and we head home for dinner, homework, farts, and other weird shenanigans…

【 Likes 】

  • Singing (Emma won’t let me… seems that should tell me something lol)
  • PASTA!!!! But dang the FODMAP diet I’ve been put on….
【 Hates 】

  • Lying – huge pet peeve!
  • Being interrupted or people that spend ALL their time on the phone (some is okay tho)
【 Quirks 】

  • Hand tremor and medication induced movement disorder (I don’t sit long)
  • I think spiders are cute XD
  • I have a thing with 3 … lol

Cutsie, Funsy, Stuff…

I absolutely LOVE laughter! Especially the laughter of my child. I hate emotions – except laughter lol. I hate crying – I hate to cry – I don’t like the sound – it is very horrible and ugly… and I fall victim to it’s siren call all the fucking time! UGH!

Animals of every shape and size make me happy but some have attacked me in the past, and I just can’t get past it… Spiders are super cute! Love them 8 legs! I like octopi too… for basically the same reason except they aren’t fuzzy like spiders lol

I hate my legs (tree trunks with varicose veins of all things) but LOVE my face … MWAH! I like to decorate my face in make-up (but not freakishly lol). My butt is rather kickin’ too. :3

【 Can’t Get Enough! 】

  • Laughter!
  • Make-up
  • Jeans / Pants
  • Jewelry! YAS SPARKLY!
  • Political and Religious talks
  • The Game of Life!!
【 Can’t Stand It! 】

  • Crying!
  • Being Late!
  • Deliberate ignorance. Hmpf!
  • Telling me how to control my anxiety
  • Being told I’m “high-maintenance” PFFT I’m low-ass maintenance!
【 Mixed Feelings… 】

  • Big Dogs… Eh, they kinda scare me.
  • Shorts/Skirts… meh – leg issues.
  • Common Core Math…. uhhhhh…
  • Hugs (I get excess from Emma lol…)
  • Gift Critiquing… JUST STAHP.
  • Temper Tantrums… Funny buuuut…


I view the world as basically good until it screws me over (and it does – my glasses are not rose-colored). With paranoia in the mix with panic attacks and bipolar disorder, things get interesting quick sometimes. I really do NOT appreciate being told how to manage my problems – I have doctors for that and years of experience behind me on what does and does not work for me. The best help anyone can do for me is just to be there when I am ok to tell me it will be ok.

And motherhood has really opened my eyes to the seedy and darker side of humanity … It has made it harder for me to open up to new people for fear of hurting my daughter. I don’t want to be that person who thinks everyone is going to jerk my chain or harm my child, but honestly that is what I think as the protective mama-bear. You kinda have to prove you aren’t a shit before I will really open up and trust you.

【 What’s in a date? 】

  • At home, possibly snuggled up (depends on my mood), just talking, playing a game, doing art, etc … whatever is friendly to kids too because my kid will be there…
【 Political views? 】

  • I don’t like Trump, and I don’t like what Repubs have come to stand for. I try not to judge, and I sure won’t be walked over or told wtf to do. I am currently a Dem – was prev Repub.
【 Religious Views? 】

  • Consider me Atheist for all intents and purposes as I have a religion I claim but I do not practice it. So that lends to questions on whether or not I am actually part of it anymore…