Difficult Times to Brighter Skies

Crystaolomic ACEO for Crystalomic on deviantART by Lantiis

I really need to remember this journal exists. HAHA!

Times have been good for the most part at the beginning of the year. Lots of art, commissions, and other fun stuff happening. I just kinda was doing my own thing and rolling on like everything would be nice forever…

And then the shoe dropped. Two friends of mine passed in the same week, and that hit me pretty hard. The love of my friends and family tho has kept me going thru it all. I have basically stopped all art and fun until 3/30 while I process everything and grieve. I am okay – no danger – just having to take some me-time to process it all.

Once 3/30 passes, I plan to step it up a notch on my Patreon. In April, all patrons will get a free sketch, and commissions will be open to patrons only for an undetermined time! Also I am stopping my photography for a short time Рexisting clients are welcome to tag me for a session, but I am not taking any new clients.