Some more art! Woo!

I finally finished the trades I am doing for Kenly! I am super proud of how they came out. The highlights on the hair are a little wild for me, but I love it!

Kaiden’s face is a completely new experience for me from the shape and structure of it to his eyes, nose and mouth! Also it is important to note that I may have executed the best ear placement ever XD And hello shirtless guy again 😀 Full visibility on his badass scars! (first time for me doing such obvious scars too)

And let’s talk about Iris’ braid! HOLY HECKIN’ that took a while! The main (big) braid lol, not that small one… I was given the description of “like Elsa from Frozen” and I just kind of ran with it. I really wanted her to look serene and indifferent but with amazing hair! Once done, the blue hair and blue tinted skin detail was delivered and POOF she came alive!