Bipolar Mania then Depression and some art stuff…

The Rollercoaster Ride is Almost Done?

I have been sitting on my own personal ticking time bomb. I was doing so well. I should have expected it, but I didn’t. However on about day 3 of not sleeping, I knew I was having a bipolar episode – and I was at the point of it coming to a close. That seems like a mighty relief except that when the mania ends, a crash often begins…
And so the crash began. I have survived the worst of it. I am not going to go into details, but I was out yesterday with my daughter grocery shopping, we’ve made cookies, and while I am not at 100% yet, the sketchy scary part seems to be done with. Now it is just Emma and I vs the world haha! Really though, Emma is a Godsend during these troubling times!
I did forget her backpack this morning tho… Ugh. However it isn’t a loss since today is Parent Lunch Day with her class! Wish me luck as I navigate the school to find the cafeteria lol I am so directionally challenged!!!
The other half of this is some medical issues requiring an outpatient surgury coming up in the near future. The 411 here is they can’t find my IUD – I got back this week from the ultrasound where they located it – definitely not where it belongs I am told. So now that my doctor has those results, I am just waiting on a call to figure out when she can put me on the table and surgically remove it. :/ Not so much fun to look forward to, especially with my anxiety getting into the mix. Basically my anxiety is telling me I will die for sure.  It is agonizing. If anyone could offer words of encouragement, that would be great <3

Kenly and Duryn for Kenlybop

This is a work I did for a friend. We are sort of doing an exchange of sorts where I create for her and she for me. These are Kenly and Duryn, both vampires. I still have two more to do for her but those will come later XD
I really like how I did their jewelry in this. I was kind of told they wear it ie Kenly only wears silver and a choker with an ankh plus three earrings in each ear. I just took the description and went with it and then mimic’d it on her boyfriend, Duryn. Her earrings… I want LOL
Kenly’s hair was a B*TCH. I love how it turned out but it wasn’t easy to get it to where I liked it enough to say “Ok” and move on to another part of the work. I am likewise in love-hate with Duryn’s hair. I really wish I had the skill to really make his POP like Kenly’s hair.
The make-up and skin was kind of tricky. Pale skin is pale lol Silver is pale lol There is a lot of pale here XD It contrasts so well with the darker reds and gray/blacks. And Kenly just backing into Duryn “on accident” is kind of sweet along with her mischevious smile…

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