House and Sniffer Drama

OMG Have you EVER?!

I am not even playing. Last week towards the weekend, our deep freeze stopped cooling. Well, I didn’t notice because Emma was at her dad’s, so I had no need to access the freezer contents. I just laid low and did my own thing: ran errands, did some art, cleaned, reorganized a few things… you know, adulting-like stuff. Come Monday tho, my nose knew something was brewing…

I got home from work on Monday and immediately noticed a faint putrefication smell coming from… I had no idea where! I checked everything and then, when all else failed, I cleaned the garbage disposal unit thinking that MUST be it. A few minutes after that, I opened the deep freeze to decide on dinner. HUGE MISTAKE lol.

You know that curse we all have where if something is horrible you just keep on looking – you literally can’t look away? Well I was choking on stank fumes unable to look away from the carnage inside my freezer (now dubbed Hell). Anyways, for those interested in knowing, Hell is filled with a putrefied sampling of blood, goo, and box bits that slosh back and forth quite rhythmically. The beef, OMG, that was horrible to see and smell. The pork too! Don’t even get me started on the chicken! And the poor pizza and fries left melting in Satan’s urine… The whole thing was intensely nasty – sight and smell…

But the kicker is – after cleaning out the offending plane of Hell from the innards of my freezer (RIP a good work shirt, two bath towels, a washcloth, an entire roll of paper towels, and the inside of my city trash bin…) – THE SMELL LINGERED. All throughout the house. As strong as if Hell were still upon us!! That happened Monday – today is Thursday. TODAY MY HOUSE STILL SMELLS but at least it isn’t deathly rank and putrid like on day one. The smell gets a little fainter each day… But I am terrified to open that damn freezer again! We are basically living with the AC off and windows open when at home just to survive!

And it is still sitting there – in the kitchen – a giant white landmine. I opened it on Tuesday to put some Freezer Baking Soda boxes in it – oh LORT THAT WAS FOUL! I got all 4 boxes of baking soda in there, but not without serious sniffer rammifications.

….. I swear that stench stains the inside of your nose ….

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