Wut? Another Hunky Pakkeli Boi?


Wut? Another Hunky Pakkeli Boi?

August 13, 2018
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So me and the other admins over at Pakkeli-Cluster on dA (and on our Discord) got together to make a family of Pakkeli siblings. XD It was a lot of fun – so much so that we made TWO SETS (one for us to keep and one to adopt out for members to join in with!).

The first set was a set of blue and red siblings, and I got to make the brother (named him Reinen). The second set was a set of Earth-tone siblings where I made a sister (the whole set of four are sisters). The Earth-tone siblings are up for adoption now on dA 😀

I absolutely LOVE being an admin of the group. We also have a website too! If you like adopting from various closed species already (or are new to it), you should visit us see if you fall in love with space goo too!

And finally, here is Reinen!

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I am a mother of a beautiful little girl, a photographer and digital artist, and I proudly served the US Air Force (I am a veteran). I have a BS in Mathematics and am an Ordained Minster. I am self-taught, and I do art and photography mostly for fun and friends!

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