Taaffeite Starling and Art Plans

I always want to type “sparkling” instead of “starling” lol

I finally finished a digital piece after months of basically nothing but off-and-on work on the Brooch Maker backgrounds – which that work hasn’t produced a finished product so far since the last update was given to the creator as I keep getting stuck or taking a longer than intended break out of artblock issues… BUT I did get Sailor Taaffeite Starling done and intend to do more artwork between pieces on the Brooch Maker.

Here is Sailor Taaffeite Starling’s reference!

So I think some of my issues are sticking to one project for too long, sticking to one medium for too long, and sticking to one style for too long. I get bored, then I stop doing art, then when I want to art I end up with artblock, and then I just give up… At that point, it takes a lot to get back into the swing of things. Like it is a feat of courage to pick a pen back up. It gives me anxiety and makes me want to cry and crawl into a dark hole.


I won’t be taking on anymore projects outside of the random commissions I get and art for groups I am in on deviantART and Amino. The Brooch Maker is an amazing project, but I think my collective being is tired now. Once I am done with the last few backgrounds I have promised to make, I will be done. It has been an amazing experience, but we are going on a year+ now with this project, and while it has proved fruitful, I just don’t think I can dedicate the time and energy to it anymore.


I do traditional and digital art, but I also do PHOTOGRAPHY and FRACTAL ART. I have let my photography slide in favor of digital and traditional art mediums – largely because I need so much time for project art. No more. Once I have completed my part of the largest project I have personally ever been part of artwise, I will be using that time to pick up my camera again and shower you in adorable and glorious photographs! I will also be doing more traditional art. It kills me that my traditional art supplies just sit unused for such long periods of time. I am hoping to rectify that as well and incorporate more traditional art into my art life. Will I pick up the fractal art again?? I don’t really know. I don’t think I have the passion for it like I used to, but know that it is a possibility.


I started with a really cartoony style and a lot of chibi work – I want to get back into that. I like my more ‘grown up’ style of anime art and plan to progress with that (so much I need to improve!), but I am going to slide back some too and have fun with super cartoony works again!


I have let my adopts slide a bit in my slump. I want to perfect them – have them in both traditional and digital art like I did in the past, maybe with clothing options, and have some adorable chibi options too! I have some fun changes coming up, some more lore, and we are doing a huge event right now on deviantART! So stay tuned for some great things coming!

Art is quite the roller-coaster ride! I didn’t think being an artist would contribute so much to stress and my emotional turmoil, but in reality, you get attached to what you do, how you do it, and the product that comes out of it. One minute you love it; one minute you hate it! You are always looking for meaningful feedback, but words can cut worse than any knife. You want everyone to love your work but also secretly wish for someone to hate it so you can get even better! Art life is so weird that way…

With that said, I love being an artist and sharing my art. So here is the finished (highlighted and shaded) Sailor Taaffeite Starling for your pleasure!

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