Bruiser’s Recovery Update

Some of you may have read Bruiser’s Diagnosis from a short while back. If not, a quick synopsis is that Bruiser, my Chihuahua-Pekingese mix dog was shot with a BB gun in his own backyard which caused his Hip Dysplasia to go into overdrive. Sound odd? It isn’t normal, that is for sure, but the shot to his hind leg that he took caused him to fall off of whatever he was on and that sped up his problems with his hip dysplasia. At any rate, long story short, he stopped eating, could barely walk, and started whimpering in pain continuously. First vet check and he got pain meds that gave him constant diarrhea. Second vet check got him admitted. In the overnight stay, they found the hip dysplasia and cancelled surgery for the BB pellet. And that brings us to now…

Bruiser’s New Routine

The pain meds every day routine that will last for the remainder of his life is not ideal. It is super inconvenient – for both Bruiser and I. He hates taking pills, and so far, hiding them in cheese has helped. But when he finds the pill, it is super traumatic to get it down his throat because hiding it again at that point doesn’t help… So we battle, and while I have won the battles so far, he fights fiercely. And the new meds he was given are not giving him diarrhea anymore which is great! I was extremely worried about his quality of life if he was going to have bouts of diarrhea every single day…

Things are Looking Up

Bruiser has come a long way over the past couple of weeks. We went from no eating to regular eating again, lots of limping to minimal limping, whimpering to no whimpering, and no barking to barking. He gets up and confronts those pesky sounds with running and barking now. He hates the squirrels and occasionally attempts to run them down (never gets one, but he tries haha). He is back up on the furniture, and he is back to chewing up his rawhides and Emma’s toys lol. He had gone to being reclusive as well but now comes out and engages Emma and I for attention. The final thing that has happened that has made my heart soar is that throughout this whole ordeal, his tail has been stuck between his legs. But the other day he was wagging it high and proud!

Bruiser’s vet called just a few days ago as well to check up on him. It was great to give her such an amazing report on his recovery. Bruiser had reached such a low point with all the pain that it effected him mentally and emotionally too – he withdrew from life and none of us thought he would completely recover. I was told to say my goodbyes. I was unprepared for that and for his stunning recovery. But I am so happy he has made the progress he has made! Me and my little buddy have some time left to share <3

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