How much?

How much what?

How much can one person take before it is too much? I feel so overwhelmed. I don’t want to overwhelm you with my problems, and I kinda vented already on a different site, so maybe now I will just tell you how I deal with my own mental and emotional health issues when they take a wrong turn. And I do have some serious health issues to deal with on a daily basis (bipolar, depression, generalized and social anxiety, paranoia, and dissociation – plus physical pain) that need attention and some kind of unwinding and relaxation. So here is how I cope…


Breathing exercises are a huge help to me and my #1 go-to strategy. I use the app “Insight Timer” to do guided relaxation and breathing exercises. I love the app because it is so soothing and always calms me down – even though it doesn’t last all that long. I mean my personal issues are harder to deal with than a single breathing exercise can take care of, but for that short period of time, I can relax and unwind. It is necessary and amazing.


Reading is so relaxing for me. I always read Pride and Prejudice when I am low, anxious, upset, or whatever (not my normal self). I don’t know what it is about that book that helps me unwind and relax, but it never fails. If you can, find a good book or movie or tv show that can do the same for you. Something you don’t have to be mindful about – something easy to do and enjoy – something quiet.

Pet or Kid Time.

Sometimes I just need a distraction, and my pets and kid are great for that. Playing, dancing, cuddling – all of it is helpful. I really love the quiet time though – time where I can just sit with them in silence, petting my cat and dog, and just hugging my daughter. She’s four right now, so she is always up for some cuddles which is helpful. She loves to help mommy feel better.


I really hate exercise, but I have, on occasion, taken it up to work out frustrations and anxiety. It works pretty good too. My go-to exercise is my sit-up seat. My core needs work anyways, so when I am low, emotional, and anxious, I start doing sit-ups (which are remarkably easy to do when crying as well!). If not sit-ups, then I crank on the old Wii and dance to Just Dance like my life depends on it. I usually throw something out though haha! Then I have lots of things to cry over XD


Yes, you read that right. My former therapist once told me to scream it out. I start at one end of the house and run screaming to the other, turn around and repeat as needed (my kid loves doing this with me!). It is exhilarating and quite tiring. I usually do it before bed when I do it because I sleep really well after.


Whether a hot shower, hot bath, heating pad, blanket just out of the dryer, or a piping hot cup of tea or coffee, surrounding or filling myself with warmth often relaxes me. Especially that hot shower or a hot blanket fresh from the dryer. I just feel enveloped in love and belonging even though I am often alone (unless my daughter chooses to join me under a blanket which I love sharing with her).


Sometimes you just gotta cry it out. The headache after doesn’t really help, but letting all the bottled up emotions out helps in the long run. If I can cry and nothing else has worked, I cry it out for a while – like ugly cry. There is no way to do this gracefully.


Doesn’t matter what it is: vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, toilets, dusting, dishes, laundry… WHATEVER. Cleaning stuff really tends to calm me down. And the plus side is my house ends up looking great too!

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