Painting is Hell

My daughter has been on vacation with her dad and step-mom for a week, so I have been left to my own devices. I had previously started this horrible task of repainting the rooms in the house, so I thought WHY NOT FINISH WHILE I HAVE ALONE TIME. Seems logical, right??

It is not logical; in fact, it is damning thoughts! These thoughts have broken my body in this quest to finish painting the last three rooms of the house. Three bedrooms – one small (the spare) and two ridiculously large (a master – mine – and the second one – my daughter’s)…

This wouldn’t be so bad except I have STUFF. This STUFF is HEAVY. It does not move well over CARPET. All the TRINKET STUFF that is on the HEAVY STUFF has to be taken off and put in another room so more STUFF can be moved to a different other room… THERE IS SO MUCH FREAKING STUFF!

Once the STUFF HURDLE is bypassed, these rooms need to be taped. All simple except the tape is exceptionally poor at sticking to dust. THERE IS DUST EVERYWHERE BECAUSE I DO NOT DUST. I hate dusting. But now I have to dust… So I dust. And dust. And dust some more. It is DISGUSTING folks!

Finally I can tape. Taping takes FOREVER. But I get it done. Next up is painting. I splurge for the high-end paint because I don’t want to paint two to three coats in every room. I want this SH covered in ONE COAT. The blue paint in the master and spare goes on like a DREAM! One coat each and business is done!

Now for the last bedroom; my daughter’s bedroom. This is the outlier. It will be obnoxiously pink at my daughter’s request. I take this obnoxiously pink paint and start painting. I have ONE GALLON for her HUGE ASS room. A half-gallon… not bad. Until I see it… I DIDN’T FULLY COVER THE OBNOXIOUS PURPLE FROM THE PAST!! I have to paint at leastĀ a second coat in my daughter’s bedroom (tonight even – ugh). Cross your fingers that I don’t have to buy another half-gallon of paint to finish what I am now dubbing the PINK DEVIL room…

From kneeling and extending / stretching, my knees, thighs, back, arms, and neck are all messed up. My head is swimmy from inhaling paint fumes for days. I’ve had to sleep on theĀ couch the last three nights because my room and bed have been filled with STUFF and just brimming over with all my random collections…

I hate painting. Don’t ever let me have “a good idea” again. Also, someone take my credit card and stop letting me buy STUFF!!! OMG

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