Bruiser’s Diagnosis

The BB Shot Finale

Bruiser is back from the vet. They did not do the surgery to remove the BB from his leg. While there, the vet noticed his hip muscles had deteriorated since she had last seen him less than 2 weeks before and rechecked the X-ray … concluding that he has hip dysplasia and arthritis that may have been aggravated with his being shot with a BB. No matter how it happened, they are sure the BB is not what is causing all his pain and walking problems currently.

Hip Dysplasia and the Abysmal look at the Future

So I was presented with two options: hip surgery at more than 3x the cost of the original surgery or attempt to medicate the pain for the rest of his life. I obviously can’t afford the surgery, so we are trying to medicate Bruiser to keep the pain manageable and give him a decent quality of life. I am really not looking forward to giving him a pill every morning, but the prospect of putting him to sleep is even less appealing.

Just so we are all clear, there is no option that I am ok with here. Even the expensive surgery to cut into his bone isn’t a cure-all for the pain. Basically I’ve been informed that my dog will be in pain for the rest of his life to some degree, and I have to decide when it’s too much pain and put him to sleep at that time… My emotions are so raw right now, and I don’t know what to do and am just praying I’m not making huge mistakes!

Bruiser’s First Day Back Home…

He’s alert and has been playing a little today (inside and out – chased a squirrel very briefly). The pain meds aren’t perfect but he’s more comfy than what he has been thankfully. He got a dry bath today; I also brushed him gently (lord he was stinky!). I was gonna bathe him, but I realized pretty quick if I did, he’d be shaking his whole body and didn’t want to put him thru that… So I went and got something to replace full baths with. He smells so nice right now, and we avoided all the pain!

We are slowly but surely adapting to the changes to make sure Bruiser is comfortable, clean, happy, eating/drinking, and as pain free as we can get him in all his favorite activities! Still a few more things to do, but at least he isn’t sitting on the floor whimpering in pain anymore! A victory! I keep telling myself, “One day at a time,” and moving forward from there. I don’t know how long he will be with us, but I know every second will be amazing!

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