My Poor Pup Bruiser

So my Chihuahua-Pekingese mix Bruiser, a little over a week ago, was in my fenced-in backyard like he always is while I was at work for the day. He went out in the morning just fine, but when I came home, he was limping (back leg). I was perplexed – couldn’t find any blood, bites, etc, so I thought he just fell off of something again and pulled his muscle. Happens a few times a year and clears up no big deal in a few days. Well the next day was my day off (Wednesday), so I watched him that day and Thursday. No improvement but he wasn’t worse, so I started my workweek like normal on Friday. By Friday night tho, his pain was so intense that he stopped eating.

I can’t afford the emergency on-call to come see that Bruiser isn’t eating bc of his pain level. SO, I got some of the doggy aspirins from Petsmart and started giving him those. Well the aspirins didn’t do much for him, so first thing Monday, I whisked Bruiser to the vet. I cannot have my pup in that much pain 🙁

So an x-ray was taken and a BB GUN PELLET WAS FOUND IN HIS HIND LEG…

So the vet said that BB guns don’t have much range on them for damage-causing purposes… about 150 ft or so tho their max range is something like 400 yards according to my research (I did see several articles where the vet is correct about the range to cause damage by a pellet). She also said for the pellet to have entered his leg and not left any blood that it may have been shot at closer range tho this is all speculation at this point since Bruiser was shot while I was at work – no one saw it happen. The vet gave him pain meds and meds for his stomach (the pain meds will make his stomach queasy) and says that he may have to have surgery if he doesn’t start eating and walking within the next few days. I was told to call Thursday or Friday this week.

Today is now Friday. I called Thursday to bring the good and bad news to the vet. Yes he is eating again. He is now also having violent diarrhea tho. He is trying to walk normal again. He is unfortunately not actually walking normal but limping despite his efforts (the cries of my poor pup make my heart hurt so bad). I am waiting on a call from the vet to see what is next now…

I am however upset that the shooter has returned!

On Wednesday evening this week, Bruiser went to the back of the backyard while me and my daughter were outside. A small airy POP was heard and then Bruiser started shrieking and came at a dead run towards us from the backyard – very unusual for a dog who won’t use one hind leg. He got to the deck and peed all over himself. I ran to the back of the yard to see who was STILL shooting at my dog but the shooter was already gone either indoors or around one of the nearby neighborhood houses…

I have alerted my neighbors. I have alerted the humane society. I made requests of the police. I don’t know what to do at this point. I am waiting on callbacks from some and have given up on others. I don’t know what else I can do at this point bc my dog is outside in his backyard (like today) when I am not home TERRIFIED. He is kind and trusting. And he is getting shot at by some ASSHOLE!

All advice is welcomed. Even if I have already tried it. Please help me give happiness and security back to my little dog.

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