A Mini Vacation

The past few days have been part fun and part *anything but fun* LOL

Tuesday… Emma started vomiting. She had been complaining of a stomachache for a couple days, but since nothing every happened with it, I didn’t think much of it. But she proved me wrong on Tuesday and went to work with me (couldn’t stay at the daycare throwing up). I was then ejected from work on a 3-day weekend to take care of Emma. My boss is really amazing that way, and she covered my shift until she could find someone else to do so.

Emma’s doctor appointment happened a little after 10am. Viral stomach bug. The poor thing was desperate for relief. We got our meds, she got her relief, and Emma was out cold most of the rest of the day. She was able to eat again at dinner – kept it down too – so we went to bed happy knowing we would be with family on Wednesday…

Emma woke up find Wednesday – a little tired still but nothing major. We packed up our stuff and headed out to the lake with family. Emma and her cousin, Maia, played together well – they were so cute to watch and listen to! We stayed at the beach (pictured in the gallery below) for 2-ish hours before heading out to grandma and grandpa’s house for lunch and pool time.

I largely stayed indoors with my brother’s wife, Ira, as the temperatures outside were in the 90s (and that is gross lol). She is an amazing cook! Grandma visited us often and the girls watch a little Frozen in-between pool time and house time (it really was stinking hot!!!).

By the end of the day, we had more friends come visit us, played with the pups, and we grilled fish and veggies for dinner. Emma and I were both exhausted and parted ways with everyone around 7:30pm that evening.

Thursday we were sick again… Emma just kept saying, “I don’t feel well.” So we rested and napped all day. Well Emma did. I had to reinstall an operating system and install all her games on Emma’s laptop – the last storm we had fried the old hard drive. So I didn’t get much rest done. I did sketch a little but nothing major artwise was accomplished since I was cleaning, mowing, and being a computer technician haha!

A busy but fun few days with only moderate illness. I call this a win! Enjoy the photos!

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