Month: February 2018

Site updates and new finished works!

Went on an updating spree today. Added a bunch of photos (old ones lol) to the photography albums. I also added some new artwork I’ve recently completed to the art albums (you can see them here too in a minute tho lol). I also updated the tired old slider art that has been there forever and a day. There are six images now and I love them – kept a couple of the tried and true slider images, but added in some new ones too. I tried to put ten images in the slider but nooooooooooo, it can’t work that way lol! Links also updated… and I’m calling this day of webwork done! Woot!

Charon WIP

WIP of Sailor Charon for Goddess-of-the-Moon1 *throws confetti*

Had a great time sketching this one. She is so cute! I kind of think of this as “the beginnings” of her power and senshi self. I still have to finish her staff and background, but hooah she is adorable!