Month: January 2018

Depression and Art

Going thru a little spell of depression. It isn’t behaving at all. I do have good days and have been arting. But depression sucks the life, love, and happiness out of everything, even things I normally love (like art). I am fighting it, but like all fights, battles are won and lost during the war. I’ve won some hard fought victories lately… lost some I wish I would have won too. So art is a little slower (again). Sorry for that. I do wish it wasn’t so, but it is what it is. Depression takes – never gives.

I have two WIPs to show you today – products of good days. These are two of four ACEOs for Tenshineera. I am almost done lining a third and still have the fourth to do but will most likely finish these two before the last two. I am afraid with the depression that having so many to color will overwhelm me :/