Month: November 2017

Alone in a Sea of Friends

I just want to note, before I begin this, that I have since spoken to a friend and feel a lot better.


I am starting to just want to quit – friends that is. Let me explain…

A lot of the friends I have are online. I met them through various websites, but mostly through deviantART. Over the years, we grew close, had a lot in common from what we could tell being in an art community, and shared other websites with each other. This led to more personal relationships with real-life identities on Facebook and more. Everything seemed great, until it wasn’t…

I’ve always received decent exposure for my art on deviantART (up until I quit and came back anyway). I always got good hits with my posts on Facebook. But lately things have changed. I get nothing from everyone except family. I really feel distanced from everyone. I comment, like, heart, sadface, huggle, critique, vote in polls, whatever on deviantART and Facebook, yet I go unnoticed. I feel invisible. What I do seems worthless. And it’s been going on for a while now. And my emotions just got to the point where they can’t deal with it anymore.

I am literally surrounded by my friends at all times, yet I have no voice they can or seem to want to hear. I feel forgotten. I’m alone with friends all around me, in chats with me even, and I’ve started to get upset by it… cry from it… because I’m lonely and no one cares when I try to ask for help.