Color Theory?

So I have known for a long time that color theory is a thing, but I don’t know much about it and use 100% saturation… like all the time :/ So here I am now… trying super hard to work within the “rules” of color theory with decreased saturation to make my art less eye-bleedlingly bright and more docile and eye-appealing.


This was my test piece. I had forgot about saturation in it. This is still at 100% saturation but essentially follows the guidelines of color theory using double-complimentary colors.


This was my second test piece. I went for triadic colors and remembered to reduce the saturation. I did give the eyes a 100% saturation to give them a delightful POP in the work which I have fallen in love with XD


This here is my third attempt at color theory and I went back to the more complicated double complimentary and adjusted the saturation down. I did another 100% saturation eye-pop-color to draw your eyes in and then also added a pop to the gems with a higher saturation there too.

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