Month: November 2017

Birthday Shenanigans?

It was my birthday recently. I have been mentioning it all month on Facebook haha. November 25 gets here faster each year, I swear it! My birthday falls next to my dad’s birthday, next to or on Thanksgiving, and usually on a day I work omg. I’m usually fairly pessimistic about my birthday, but this year I planned to be different!

I didn’t have money to treat myself and my 4yo. I bought a 97 cent card for my dad, brought empty dishes to our holiday feast, took home loads of food unapologetically, and ended up working on the actual day of my birth. And it was all so great!

Emma was gone the week before my birthday and brought home a gift her dad and stepmom helped her put together for me which made me cry lol. She was so cute telling me how I had to open it… and when I inevitably did it wrong, she ‘showed’ me lol The gesture and thought her dad and stepmom put into the gift was so kind – and they know me really well! That gift may be untoppable!

I got to spend a great day with my dad, mom, and daughter for our double birthday slash thanksgiving celebration. We talked all things without arguing, stuffed our faces, and laughed at the antics of my 4yo, Emma. I got to meet Leo, the new kitten my mother and father rescued… and who can be sad when there is a kitten (nicnamed ‘The Destroyer’ lol) running around your feet?! We had cake and ice cream cones for dessert… And I packed up a bunch of food (after a hearty helping of seconds lol) to take home.

Instead of spending money, I spent time with Emma. She drew me a ton of art, sang me a song, showed me a bunch of new dances (that all look the same haha), and we snuggled up with a movie. I never get such perfect one-on-one time with Emma. Now that perfect time really only lasted about half the day lol, but I’ll take what I can get. For the rest of the day and a half we spend together, we nommed an entire pizza together, inhaled some of the last pieces of Halloween candy (yum!), and played on the playset in the backyard.

And then I closed out my birthday shenanigans at work on my actual birthday where my coworkers cheerfully issued me Happy Birthday’s and sometimes did a little dance too – because we are cool like that! My bestie, Jamie, fed me breakfast and made me a birthday sign, and my boss, Jessa, went out and got me some cookie bark to snack on (so good – I do not know how she knew my love of oreos!). I even had several guests either hear my coworkers or see the sign and come to wish me a happy birthday!! I nearly cried from the love I felt!

All-in-all, I had a spectacular birthday!

Color Theory?

So I have known for a long time that color theory is a thing, but I don’t know much about it and use 100% saturation… like all the time :/ So here I am now… trying super hard to work within the “rules” of color theory with decreased saturation to make my art less eye-bleedlingly bright and more docile and eye-appealing.


This was my test piece. I had forgot about saturation in it. This is still at 100% saturation but essentially follows the guidelines of color theory using double-complimentary colors.


This was my second test piece. I went for triadic colors and remembered to reduce the saturation. I did give the eyes a 100% saturation to give them a delightful POP in the work which I have fallen in love with XD


This here is my third attempt at color theory and I went back to the more complicated double complimentary and adjusted the saturation down. I did another 100% saturation eye-pop-color to draw your eyes in and then also added a pop to the gems with a higher saturation there too.