Monthly Archives: October 2017


Just one more…

Dropping my daughter off at either pre-school or daycare is always an entertaining thing. Some days it is all smiles and others it is all tears. Her smiles and tears mind you. Recently, she started “just one more kiss” and “just one more hug,” and it is so cute.

My daughter will cling to me and just hug and hug and hug me until the daycare provider has to pull her from me. She says, “Just one more hug mommy.” Sometimes she lies and says, “This is the last hug mommy.” It’s never the last hug – there is always one more… She does this with kisses too, and it just melts my heart! It really helps me reinforce to her that I will stay that extra moment, that I love her, and that I will come back for her which I think helps her feel more secure with me leaving her with her care providers.

But where there is heart melting, there is patience testing lol

“Just one more…” also works to test my patience… “Just one more minute.” “Just one more candy.” “Just one more episode.” The list goes on and on. I swear I say “no” more than any other word.

But even in the annoying and patience testing stages, “Just one more…” has become a standard of learning for my 4 year old. She counts the tangible “just one more’s” and proudly displays them for all to see. “Just one more episode” helps to reinforce her bedtime and a bedtime routine at the end of the night. “Just one more minute” lets me teach her easily about telling time and number recognition. There is so much for her to learn, and my daughter doesn’t even realize she is creating the blueprints for me to help teach her with all of her “just one more’s,” and it is amazing to see her grow!

Ambrivan Generator Progress

I have been working really hard this month on this adoptable generator for my closed species, Ambrivans. I haven’t started the male generator yet, but I am making great progress on the female generator. The eyes are done, the linework is done, the back ribbons are done, and the tail ribbons are 25% of the way done.

It kinda sucks to have so little time to work on this project. I get an hour (maybe two hours tops) to work on it a day, and I had to take several days off for life things like the night I went grocery shopping lol Anyways, I am still doing good, so here is a couple WIPs for you XOXO

Lantiis Power, Make-up!

Make-up is right! I put that hell on every day…. Because I am a girl… And social norms say I should wear it to be pretty…

I am 35 years old nowadays. I am a single mom with a 4yo and a busy schedule of work, school, play, meals, cleaning, and attempting to be social. I waste 20 minutes of my sleep time every day to put make-up on.

I remember a time when I did it to feel pretty… Because I really didn’t feel pretty without it. It gave me confidence and self-worth. I enjoyed putting it on and experimented with it too.

Now though, it is a chore, part of my uniform, and when it’s all done, it’s my pretty face covered in something I can’t wait to wash off later. I cover all the parts of me that give me confidence now in fakeness. My self-worth has an internal struggle against the archaic practice of putting make-up on…

I concern myself all day that I don’t smudge or smear it, that my face doesn’t get wet because then it gets blotchy… It’s really very stressful. Stress gives me diarrhea. And that just makes matters worse!

You know I have to cover those crows feet and other laugh lines that show I’ve lived a fulfilled life. My years of knowledge can’t be told by a visible age spot… Nope, gotta cover that! And even tho the little bit of shine on my clean face won’t blind anyone, I still gotta blot that out…

So what am I gonna do tomorrow?

Probably put some effing make-up on.

Because social norms and shit.

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