Month: October 2017

The Halloween Spirit

I don’t really get into holidays. As a matter of fact, holidays often trigger my anxiety and cause me to have panic attacks. Not very much fun, and not something I look forward to. So for pretty much any year, I stay holed up on any holiday and celebrate my own way (alone or with close family).

Halloween is a little different this year tho…

My 4 year old daughter is really into the Halloween spirit! She’s excited about the concept and idea of Halloween, giggles over pumpkin painting and carving, dances and prances in her Halloween costume, and is motivated by every party and event I can get us to!

It’s really started to get me into the Halloween spirit. I am actually enjoying myself this year.

We’ve got a couple of events to go to this week before Halloween, a big pumpkin to carve, and then on Halloween Night, my daughter is gonna help me hand out candy (I simply don’t feel comfortable walking alone in the dark with a small child). This is proving to be the best Halloween in years!

The small pumpkin painted by my adorable daughter! (I did the face lol)

Finishing the Deck!

My old deck was a mess – an unsafe mess. All stop on art and social life once I got the money to repair it. The foundation/base woodwork was good, so we got the wood planks needed for the floor and rail. My dad and mom set off to work ahead of me as I had to work during the day. My mom and I helped my dad as much as we could with our limited skills. My father was a beast and knocked the deck and rail out fast. It looks beautiful! We still have one railing on the back wall to do and the staircase, but since neither are unsafe (just ugly), we are taking a break from the construction until a little later. I have a couple snaps of the happenings from my phone too. Enjoy!