Month: September 2017

Web Admin Woes

I run, as some know, in addition to this website. SMAU is a bit different as it is a social site with many different kinds of social interactions available for its members. I like to be a neutral party to most disagreements and just have members with issues block each other. But sometimes that doesn’t work, and I have to take a side.

This one issue has weighed heavily on my shoulders. It is still a huge burden to me today. User A and B have a conflict. User A was there first, has been a longtime active member, and has caused literally zero issues on the site with other members. User B came second, has since been an active member, but has caused issues with another member (User A). At the start of 2017, I wiped clean all slates of members at SMAU, including User B. I did this for User B as B says they aren’t guilty as charged (despite the evidence) and wouldn’t ever do any such things.

Come down the timeline to now, 9 months later, and my second chance for User B has been found to be wrongly placed. User B returned to the same undesirable behavior. User B has been ticked down to a basic member on SMAU and has lost any and all privileges earned the last 9 months. The issue now is that User A seems to want to be active again, but User B is still here.

Their accounts have been blocked from each other. Our block system works a lot like Twitter’s system where you can still see each other and what you post but you can’t interact with someone who has you blocked. Not great, but it’s what we got for now.

So this brings me to my woe being that I like to remain neutral. I am siding with User A, this I know. User B is clearly in the wrong. However, since the offense was so extreme to User A, should I just go ahead and indefinitely suspend User B from the site? Or is this block enough of a protection for User A? I am afraid I could use some input here to help me make my final decision. Thoughts?

Users A and B, I am sure you know who you are. Please refrain from commenting.

Brain Dump 9-13-17

This is just a brain dump of the art I have to do in the near future in no particular order…

Make new adopt base for CS Ambrivans: male and female (and then make more adopts haha)

Ambrivan Society October events! Do one of each of the 5 -part (still growing) list…

Finally start on the long overdue adopts with Froggy

CS Pakelli Sisters: Brisha, Breila, Brayan, Bruu, plus the one whose name I never remember lol

CS Pakelli Couple: Bernard and Alice

2 other CS Pakelli Babes

New CS Nishee from Nekk

Newly Adopted CS Thornyl

2 new CS Kagaran: Cinna and Elliot

Redesign of Queen Huya and Braya plus republish story

Most of that is art for me – characters I adopted. I really have too many, but I am determined to get a reference up of each of them. Notice how my personal art has very few senshi in it? I have really moved away from fandom-specific art into more original art (clearly of closed species haha). Nothing against the Sailor Moon fandom, I just feel like I have grown past strictly fandom art now. My interests have definitely broadened.

Magic Emma and Me

What a rush doing digital art again! While far from perfect, Magic Emma and Me is the open door back to digital art where I got to scratch my brain to try and remember how to use technology again as well as all the rest of the art issues I have haha! I did this piece on my Wacom Cintiq tablet over the course of 4 days post sketch.

Emma and I are recreated in this piece as magical girl superheroes! Emma has a more conservative outfit on in her favorite color, pink! I imagine her powers are light and fire! My outfit is in one of my favorite colors, blue! And I imagine my powers are ice and water! I did our hair how we actually do it in real life many days XD I also got a little magically skinnier and Emma magically taller lol