Kindness of Others

By others, in this instance, I mean my mechanic. A little backstory here…

I take medication that makes it difficult for my body to process heat and cold some of the time. Sometimes everything is fine while other times I am a mess. Sitting in a cool breeze on an 80 degree day could very well cause me to go into a heat stroke or I might be perfectly fine. I don’t usually know until it is getting to be too late – like call the ambulance late (flushed skin, no sweating, major headache, dizzy)! Yesterday was almost one of those days…

It wasn’t particularly hot out – maybe in the high 70s to low 80s. There was a breeze, and I wasn’t being active. I was just waiting on my car to be fixed, so I could head out to the rest of the days chores. It had only been about an hour and my mechanic grabbed a stool and sat it almost directly in front of a huge fan. He told me to come sit down. When I got there, he asked if I was okay and said he noticed how flushed I had gotten. He felt I was overheating.

He was right. I hadn’t even noticed yet. Sitting in front of the fan stalled the heat exhaustion and even improved upon it a bit. He really saved my backside. I know I thanked him; I just don’t think I thanked him enough. It’s pretty rare when someone takes the time to notice what’s happening and then helps you out like that. I’m so grateful to my mechanic – yesterday could have turned out a lot different than me driving home.

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