Brain Dump 9-13-17


Brain Dump 9-13-17

September 13, 2017
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This is just a brain dump of the art I have to do in the near future in no particular order…

Make new adopt base for CS Ambrivans: male and female (and then make more adopts haha)

Ambrivan Society October events! Do one of each of the 5 -part (still growing) list…

Finally start on the long overdue adopts with Froggy

CS Pakelli Sisters: Brisha, Breila, Brayan, Bruu, plus the one whose name I never remember lol

CS Pakelli Couple: Bernard and Alice

2 other CS Pakelli Babes

New CS Nishee from Nekk

Newly Adopted CS Thornyl

2 new CS Kagaran: Cinna and Elliot

Redesign of Queen Huya and Braya plus republish story

Most of that is art for me – characters I adopted. I really have too many, but I am determined to get a reference up of each of them. Notice how my personal art has very few senshi in it? I have really moved away from fandom-specific art into more original art (clearly of closed species haha). Nothing against the Sailor Moon fandom, I just feel like I have grown past strictly fandom art now. My interests have definitely broadened.

About The Author

I am a mother of a beautiful little girl, a photographer and digital artist, and I proudly served the US Air Force (I am a veteran). I have a BS in Mathematics and am an Ordained Minster. I am self-taught, and I do art and photography mostly for fun and friends!

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