Goodbye Caffeine?


Goodbye Caffeine?

September 6, 2017
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I have, for as long as my memory serves (a debatable length of time), drank a ton of coffee every day. Not one or two cups; try one or two pots. Recently I was put on an antibiotic that caused me to throw up everything – and coffee tastes the same going in as it does coming back out (BLEH!). Needless to say, it is really difficult to drink something that is basically vomit flavored now…

I tried different types of coffee to included flavored coffee. I tried creamers and sugars. I even mixed hot chocolate with it to see if that would help. But I just couldn’t do it. I can’t drink coffee anymore..,

The sharp decline in caffeine caused all the usual suspects to appear, the worse being the HEADACHES. I had to act fast, so I dipped into my green tea stash. Helpful, but not a cure. I just can’t drink as much tea as I did coffee. It just isn’t possible.

So a few weeks down the line, the headaches and other withdrawal symptoms from stopping caffeine have subsided. I won’t lie, I do still drink caffeine but not in the amount I used to. I have sodas periodically, and I still drink some caffeinated teas too.

Without the overabundance of caffeine I was drinking, I am getting better sleep at night and am less tired during the day. I also have to run to the bathroom less during the day. I also find that I am less jittery. I do find myself snacking more and, after research, find that caffeine can act as an appetite suppressant. So I will have to work harder to keep weight off.

Overall the benefits so far outweigh the negatives… which is nice since I don’t really have a choice in mostly quitting caffeine as my main source is undrinkable to my palate.

About The Author

I am a mother of a beautiful little girl, a photographer and digital artist, and I proudly served the US Air Force (I am a veteran). I have a BS in Mathematics and am an Ordained Minster. I am self-taught, and I do art and photography mostly for fun and friends!

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