Raising a Tyrannical 4 y/o Person?

So my daughter is four now. At one she was pretty basic: she cried, pooped herself, and drank milk. At two she was leveled up some but was still basic: she hammered on her toys, stuck her tongue on everything, and still pooped herself. At three she got a level in creativity: she talked, walked, stopped pooping herself, and gave attitude at seemingly appropriate times. At FOUR though… She’s become a real ball-buster!

My daughter likes to do EVERYTHING herself. Newsflash! She can do NOTHING RIGHT! I spend my day re-putting-away clothes, toys, dvds, art supplies, shoes, and more. I redress her 50 times a day because she ALWAYS manages to put everything on backwards (shoes included). Sweep and mop near a dozen times because she can’t hit her mouth. Have to rescue the dog from his crate because she thinks putting him in it every five seconds is “right.” The list goes on…

My daughter wants to HELP ALL THE TIME! Newsflash! She is basically unhelpful… That five minutes of folding laundry becomes 20 minutes. Loading and unloading the dishwasher becomes an Olympic sport where I have to catch everything. I can’t vacuum or sweep without her there begging to help or getting in the way if I say no. Dinner time is done in secret for as long as possible because I don’t want her to get in the way or knives or hot pans. I lift her every day so she can check the mail. And she opens all my mail now which is terrifying as I never know if I will get said mail intact… Even bathroom time is a green light for her to try and wipe my butt (I don’t let her, but she objects mightily to me shooing her away).

My daughter has to know what I am doing every second of the day, and when I get home from work, she drills me like I’m a criminal with her four year old words. I can’t watch TV, look at my phone, read a book (to me or her), play a game, go to the bathroom, talk with anyone (on or off the phone), etc without this tiny drill sergeant at my feet demanding she be amused or informed at every turn.

In all this is mixed with the ATTITUDE. I can’t tell her anything. She’s four but seemingly already knows it all somehow. Just this morning she declared war on underwear and pants! She refused to wear them. Well, she can’t go to preschool as nature intended, so we battled. After a long hard fought war later, I emerged embattled but victorious, and I took my crying four year old to preschool fully clothed. It should NOT take 30 minutes to get dressed. Add in the crying, pouting, kicking, flailing, throwing herself on the floor and bed, and you have the makings of an exorcism movie!

Despite all the above, I really do love my daughter. She is super fun (if you can’t tell from this haha) and exciting to have around! But she does have her bad days; we all have bad days. I just hope she continues to level up successfully and test her boundaries. No need to raise a child who blindly follows like a sheep 🙂

(horrible quality photo, sorry!)

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