Monthly Archives: October 2016


Artober Begins…

Actually it is Sketchtober and Inktober officially, but since I am a digital artist, I’m outed from the inking challenge. I decided to create my own “Artober” where I sketch and ink daily. Add to it that my friend and I found a fantasy challenge for October called Inktasy, we decided to use the Inktasy format (roll for what you draw each day of October) and do both sketches and inking all month long! WOO!

Well, in good form, I decided to start Artober with a BANG! And so I not only did a sketch and ink piece, but I also completed this piece and may put it on a t-shirt. I rolled an Air Witch with Wings for day #1. Here are the first three pieces of my Artober:

Artober 1 Sketch


Artober 1 Lines


Artober 1 Finished


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