• Traditional Art

    Choose a physical product: paper, pen, color pencils!

  • Photography

    Family, event, and pet memories can last a lifetime!

  • Digital Art

    No physical item but a sleek and polished finished product!

Lantiis: Artist and Photographer

I specialize in digital art, traditional art, and photography. I sell services for digital art internationally, for traditional art in the continental US, and you can hire me as a photographer for your family or outing in the Central Arkansas area. Thank you for stopping by! Send me an email if you have any questions ♥

Freedom to be You

I believe in freedom, & I will do work for & work with any gender, sexuality, religion, etc. Love is love!

Custom Artwork

Characters, shirt designs, branding, memes and more! Even creature art! I will bring your OCs to life!

Family Photography

I will capture your greatest moments. Family, children, pets, birthdays, and more! Book with me today!

Will Travel

I work the Central AR area but will travel 1-way up to 2-hours for groups and 1-hour for single sessions.

From The Blog

All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. They do not always reflect the opinions of affiliates or other persons/businesses I may promote.

Been Working On…

Here’s a couple new ACEOs and an adopt that I neglected to post lol A Smexy Guy for Melissa Romy’s Soapy Bubbles as a Sailor Senshi Asura for Stef A Radiant Genetic Superior Ambrivan Adopt!

Nov 18, 2017 Admin

Inkarnate Map

I made this epic map of Ambaran (the Ambrivan continent) at Inkarnate! It was really easy to make and a lot of fun. It is lightyears better than the one I made by hand. Go to Inkarnate and make an epic map yourself!

Nov 14, 2017 Admin

Alone in a Sea of Friends

I just want to note, before I begin this, that I have since spoken to a friend and feel a lot better.   I am starting to just want to quit – friends that is. Let me explain… A lot of the friends I have are online. I met them through various websites, but mostly

Nov 07, 2017 Admin

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